Agnès B homme gets a luxury revamp

Located on Rue du Jour in Paris, Agnès B Homme refurbished their stylish flagship store in September 2015.


ALU were chosen to create installations that reflect the brand’s understated yet elegant designs.



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ALU Paris showroom gets a makeover

ALU has redesigned its Paris showroom setup in order to maximize the luxury and contemporary feel of the design space.


Upon entering, you are greeted with an array of ALU’s iconic products and new retail solutions, from AUTOPOLE, SLASH, and MOBILE. An excellent combination for showcasing, merchandising and communicating products with quality accessories and range of connectors.



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Aldo Erhält Einen Neuen Look Für Seine Schaufenster

Aldo, ein führendes Einzelhandelsunternehmen für Schuhe und Accessoires weltweit, hat ein neues Ladenlayout an zwei Standorten in Kanada eingeführt. Diese Ausstellungslösungen wurden als ein Schwerpunkt im Laden beim Eingang und innerhalb der Schaufenster verwendet. Sie umschließen maßgeschneiderte dreieckige Säulen und Podeste mit mehrfarbigen Platten aus Acryl und dreieckigen Platten aus Filz. So wird den Waren von Aldo ermöglicht, in diesen Schaufensterauslagen hervorzuspringen.    


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ALU with Slam Jam for Guest Room Exhibition

On January 13th, the Italian streetwear retailers, Slam Jam Milano partnered with ALU for the launch of their latest collaboration with 424, the Los Angeles based brand which combines antique artisan with today’s modern production for an original twist. 


SLASH free standing units were featured amongst the traditional graphics inspired by designer, Guillermo Andrade’s childhood to create an artistic contrast, whilst also complementing the brands unique merchandise and expression of urban culture.


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Holt Renfrew for the Holidays

ALU’s CAGE was used in the space, powder coated in white. With the ability to transform itself into three different rotations and with the use of custom shelving and graphics, it provides the perfect platform for displaying and merchandising the perfect holiday gift.



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