Alu reveals its newest product: Lightboard

Kicking off the summer, ALU releases its newest and most illuminative product yet, LIGHTBOARD. Empowered by white LED lighting, Lightboard is a double-sided, easy to install, multipurpose display system.


The new system is a flawless mix between visual brand communication and product display.


Equipped with the latest LED technology, Lightboard is suited for creating intriguing windows, store focal points, interactive space dividers and product display areas.


Not only does Lightboard shine by itself, but it has the ability to be used together with other ALU products to enhance its display and communication features. It can be used together with Mobile, Autopole and Reed/Pylon with the possibility to add a wide range of accessories.


Suitable for all industries, Lightboard can realize any creative idea of a designer, allowing each store to keep up with its brand evolution and communicative storytelling. 


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