ALU unveiled its new Amsterdam showroom at ROAD Amsterdam#2

ALU unveiled its Amsterdam showroom on Keizersgracht on Tuesday 14th June at the second edition of ROAD Amsterdam. The event organized by MiND hosted Lidewij Edelkoort who presented her talk ‘The Art of Sport’.


The design centred around the latest collection of SLASH finishings which use an intricate electroplating process to create an updated collection with a luxury feel. Using mirrors and LIGHTBOARD to play with the light, the display enhanced the glossy finish of the products.


The showroom has adapted a clean look where ready-made ALU products, such as AUTOPOLE and MOBILE, share the space and interact with the latest SLASH finishings. The result is a versatile range of visual communication solutions.


Marie-Stella-Maris products, a partner of ROAD, were used to help contextualise the new SLASH fixtures as the number one solution for displaying high-end products.


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