DO THE EXTRAORDINARY reveals experiential revamp

The retail space, DO THE EXTRAORDINARY based in Seattle, received a store revamp for the purpose of an experiential event held by MiND Magazine on June 14-15,2017.


ALU worked closely with DO THE EXTRAORDINARY to really bring a sense of energy and atmosphere into the design studio, providing an array of SLASH fixtures that complimented the store's unique range of handcrafted merchandise. The fixtures also acted as navigational dividers and were purposely placed to create an airy, natural and open feel of the space to allow for the event.


The store was equipped with ALU’s bestselling product, AUTOPOLE - offering display potential towards the event signage and brand imagery and in turn creating a fun, playful instore focus. The contrast of the steel and aluminum, against the soft wood furniture created an eye-catching display within the store and added a sense of coziness to the event atmosphere. 
The unique set up was further enhanced by artist, Dylan Neuwirth’s installation, NETWORK, using metal tripods and enclosed light which debuted in the front of the store. 


With ALU’s additions, DO THE EXTRAORDINARY provided the perfect event environment and modern store destination.


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