Sorel shows dominance within the fashion world, using ALU

SOREL revealed their latest location for their seasonal series of pop ups, creating a unique point of sale in Milan’s luxury department store, La Rinascente to showcase their extensive range of premium winter boots.


ALU worked closely with SOREL to create a store display that captured the brands heritage and craftsmanship, while enhancing their ‘fashion meets utility’ personality.


SOREL will take centre stage of the shopping center’s window to attract passersby, creating a strong dominance amongst the various retailers also offered.


ALU created a fully custom shelving system for SOREL footwear, using reclaimed wood to compliment the brand’s mixture of soft textures and tones used within their winter collection. They also designed a sleek aluminum fixture that has been placed beside the above wooden frame for further contrast.


This display is unique in itself, using asymmetrical lines to act as pillars to merchandise the boots, painted in the brand’s signature gold tone of color to create a striking feature. ALU is proud to support SORELs increasing physical presence within the fashion industry.


The pop up will officially make its appearance in La Rinascente from the 29th of November to late December.


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