ALU unlocks the raw design with Cage

Composure. Mobility. Support.

CAGE is a unique display that can incorporate within its geometrical shape, the ability to transform itself into a creative array of solutions assuring the continuous outfit and tally of the POS frame-up.

This is a one-piece product, with little installation required, easy to ply and ready to use. Set alone, stacked through overlapping or integrated with other fixtures and accessories, CAGE can adjust itself into three different stances with a swift turn on a 90° angle rotation.


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From the streets of ALU Madhattan

Madhattan unveiled its premiere event at ALU’s Showroom in SoHo, on Tuesday, December 3rd, 2013. Part of the Retail Design Collective, the Madhattan movement inspired and surprised its guests with the promised multisensory experience and wanderlust.


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CAGE sets the standard in New York City

CAGE has launched itself in the heart of New York City at ROAD – Retail Design Show, with fresh customization features and a new color program. A one piece product with little to no installation, CAGE comes with numerous tailoring capabilities and display options.


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A Berlin dress for Autopole and Cage

Cage and Autopole are on stage at Berlin Munzstrasse 5 for a temporary concept store named “Qwstion invites”.


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ALU collaborates with Story

Retail concept brand, STORY recently revealed their latest concept ‘HER STORY’ in New York City. Envisioned by founder, Rachel Shechtman, STORY takes the editorial viewpoint of a magazine, changes like a gallery, and sells things like a store. This specific story concept was all about HER. In collaboration with HER STORY, ALU integrated their unique fixturing systems, providing a versatile platform that let STORY weave written content into its visual merchandising strategy.



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