The Core of Change

Combining refined wood and stainless steel, ALU’s latest product, CORE, embodies our corporate culture of product innovation and ethical corporate behavior. CORE is an example of ALU’s commitment to challenge ourselves, and successfully go beyond the boundaries of our product capabilities.


CORE acts as a symbol of ALU’s proficiencies in craftsmanship while using the inherent beauty of natural elements like wood and the adaptable qualities of stainless steel to provide a sleek, yet functional product.


CORE is composed of beech wood from Europe, with each pole carefully sanded and naturally steamed to form a smooth and soft surface. To enhance CORE’s strength and durable resistance, the wooden elements are coated in a transparent 4-gloss polyurethane varnish for a sleek finish to CORE without sacrificing the woods natural aesthetic and integrity. Thanks to the precision-cut stainless steel connectors, CORE allows for multiple display configurations to fully transform retail spaces.  The stainless steel is developed through a four step process, offering support and sustainability to its wooden counterparts.


CORE is designed with window displays in mind along with store concepts within the cosmetic, retail, accessories, intimate and kid’s apparel industries. The contrast of textures and materials, modern production and artisan craftsmanship provides a truly unique platform to highlight product and brand activations.


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