Environmental protection, eco-sustainability, adoption of workplace safety measures and company training are and have always been ALU’s core values. ALU is committed to promoting and supporting these elements within the company and with its partners. In order to achieve its continuous improvement, ALU applies an integrated environmental management and a series of workplace safety system that satisfy standards ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001.

ALU’s policy is based on the following principles:

  • our work aims to fulfill our customer requirements, respond promptly to their needs and adapt rapidly to market changes;

  • we aim to be a perceptive, dynamic, responsible and competent company, receptive to innovative ideas and open to new approaches;

  • we work to comply to all applicable requirements such as environmental protection and workplace health and safety. In order to do so, we focus particularly on eco-sustainability and safety of the materials used since the preliminary stages of the planning process;

  • we assess responsibly the environmental impacts related to our processes/products, starting from our suppliers and in compliance with applicable regulations and standards in the workplace;

  • we carefully and periodically assess the risks connected with our activities, we adopt all the necessary measures to reduce the degree of danger in any aspect of the workplace;

  • we recognize our partners as integral elements of our activities, encouraging communication at all levels in order to work;

  • we promote and implement personnel training programs at all levels in order to optimize human resources development; we firmly believe in the protection of employees’ health and safety, in an accurate management of the environment’s resources and in the constant improvement of the work setting as an ethical duty of top management and personnel.

This policy is ALU’s starting point and its focus at all decision-making and operating levels. It is available to the public, to our customers and our suppliers, it’s periodically reassessed during a re-examination process of the management procedure and the company objectives, and revised if necessary.