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Free-standing or wall mounted, SLASH is an all-around system that presents a contemporary and eye catching design. Composed of 15x40 mm (9/16"x1 9/16") rectangular slotted profiles and aluminum alloy joints, SLASH is geometrical, clear-cut and elegant in shape: its design makes the product stand out. Slots are hidden in the painted-steel structure, and accessories can be attached and removed without tools. With several design set-ups (angled slash, vertical or radial), you have at your fingertips an endless range of visual solutions. Thanks to versatile accessories, the system can be easily customized. SLASH’s special slots maximize display capacity: crossbars can be aligned, even between two units, to create a configuration that runs along the wall seamlessly. Thanks to SLASH every inch of your wall is exploited. SLASH free standing units are versatile and multifunctional to the max: they can hang, fold, display and communicate, or become surprising architectural space dividers when aligned to other units or connected through crossbars. They can even transform a column from an obstacle to an appealing point of sales.

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