ALU x The Himba Collection Exhibition

Bassano del Grappa, Italy

TondoQuadro Illuminated has been used to display “The Himba Collection” solo show by the international photographer Harry De Zitter.
The system has been carefully customized for the collection, highlighting the contrast between the 18th-century frescoed location and our modern and innovative solutions. With the room left in semidarkness, TondoQuadro’s premium quality light makes the dramatic tones of the photographs stand out in a unique way, creating an elegant atmosphere. The standard dark gray finish of TondoQuadro’s backdrop parallels the black and white pictures.
ALU’s freestanding units are positioned in a way that people can pass through by looking at the pictures while getting in front of a freestanding kiosk at the end of the room. Geometric and linear, the kiosk has been used to draw attention to the photographer’s life and project history. 
The variety of solutions gives the ability to design a space within a space with a high degree of flexibility and personalization.

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Photos of the HIMBA Collection by Harry De Zitter displayed
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ALU x The Himba Collection Exhibition - ALU

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