Periodic Pop-up Shop

Seattle, United States of America (the)

The Periodic Shop is a permanent pop-up shop in Seattle. Permanent pop-up sounds like a paradox but is a real concept brought to life by The Lionesque Group, headed by MG2’s Melissa Gonzalez. ALU loves working with Lionesque on projects. They leverage the strengths of ALU systems to their maximum potential. This is exhibited more than anywhere else in Periodic where the shop stays in the same place, but the layout changes with each new brand. Lionesque carefully selected ALU for this concept due to the flexibility, durability, and ability of ALU fixtures to convey many themes and messages. Easily moved, changed, and accessorized, they can be reused and adapted creating a new space with each change of brand and merchandise, rather than continually replacing the framework each time. More and more agencies such as Lionesque are making even more sustainability efforts and focusing on sourcing sustainable materials which is, in part, what made ALU an ideal partner for this role in Periodic.