Slash Illuminated Vertical Unit 95” Extension 24”


Double side illuminated freestanding slotted extension unit, equipped with integrated power rails for LED lighted accessories. Attaches to the right of 055008 or 055026, 055027. The unit accepts up to 5 illuminated elements per side. Power supply can be positioned either on the lower or on the upper side, please, specify when placing order. Requires one 055101 SLASH ILLUMINATED DOUBLE POWER SUPPLY FOR FREESTANDING UNIT (if positioned on the upper side) or two 055102 SLASH ILLUMINATED FLOOR SINGLE POWER SUPPLY (if positioned on the lower side).

Product Features

cm inches
94 1/2”
27 9/16”
Kilograms Pounds
Max load

This accessory works with

Slash Illuminated Vertical Unit 95”

Slash Illuminated Vertical Unit 95” Extension 24”

Slash Illuminated Vertical Unit 95” Extension 48”

Slash Illuminated Double Power Supply For Freestanding Unit

Slash Illuminated Floor Single Power Supply

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