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  • Company - ALU

Thirty years ago, a telescopic freestanding pole designed for the photographic industry started to fill the windows of numerous NYC retailers. Its forward-looking creators, Lino and Abramo Manfrotto, crossed the lines of their industry and made the Autopole, the seed of ALU. 
In 2009, the Autopole (and Superclamp) were chosen by the NY MoMa for their permanent design and architecture collections. 
Every year, ALU partners with premium retailers and leading brands, and is constantly in search for creativity and retail expertise.  Headquartered in Bassano Del Grappa (IT), ALU strives to anticipate and outperform the clients’ expectations with our display solutions. 
Driven by quality, with commitment, fun and passion for our job, we collaborate to conquer the hearts and minds of our clients’ most valuable consumers. We feel the joy of reinvention in the expression of ourselves, our clients, and our future. 



Since setting foot in this market, our ambition has been to serve our clients with an innovative voice. 
We started from a great product and a simple formula. It was a great success and everyone loved our hero, the Autopole
Thirty years later, our understanding of the value of well-designed scalable systems is deep and ingrained. We are in a unique position to help conceptualize, develop and create environments with an incredible range of scope. 
Our renewed commitment to the development of innovative systems and collections strengthens our ability to react fast, adapt and resolve bespoke specifications. Keeping a finger on the pulse of the market, we continue to cultivate our creativity, design skills and manufacturing capabilities. We never stop moving.

ALU family

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