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We create
modular fixtures custom solutions
Reconfigurable. Reusable. Customizable. To your specifications
ALU offers ready-to-ship standard fixture systems, pre-engineered customized interpretations and purely custom solutions.

Our commitment to the development of innovative standard display systems strengthens our ability to react fast, adapt and resolve the client’s bespoke specifications. Keeping a finger on the pulse of the market, we continue to cultivate our creativity, design skills and manufacturing capabilities.

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Standard Systems

ALU’s standard products range consists of a wide variety of modular, scalable, off-the-shelf systems for communication, visual merchandising, and display. Shipped in flat-packs and easy to install, these high-quality fixtures offer extraordinary flexibility, ease of use and are designed to be reusable and easily reconfigurable.

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Quality & durability

ALU’s long lasting, high quality materials make ALU stand out from the rest. Configure and reconfigure as much as your needs require without your system failing.

Integrated Lighting

ALU’s expertly engineered integrated lighting systems give a new layer of design to your space. Bring your products into the light and showcase them like never before.

Stock ready in EMEA and USA

Shipped in flatpacks, your entire shop can be packed and ready for transport in an instant.

Flat pack

ALU products are shipped flat pack with a positive impact on freight costs and CO2 emissions.

Easy to Install

ALU fixtures are simple to install and dismantle at any time.

Reconfiguration and Re-use

Design and redesign your space by changing and rearranging your ALU fixtures over and over.

Customizable upon request

ALU’s standard products can be personalized with customized finishes, colors, and sizes, making each project unique!

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Custom Solutions

ALU develops custom-made solutions starting from their clients’ ideas, enhancing their vision, and helping them to rollout worldwide. We identify the best technology and production processto optimize the client’s expectations on every aspect of the project: product, costs, timing, and services, reducing lead time.

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We take care of everything

From start to finish, ALU takes care of the overall custom project: product & production engineering, project management, manufacturing & logistics, shop fitting to ensure that the client receives the best possible service. ALU put into play its R&D resources to meet the client’s needs: modularity and large-volume orders.

Environmental impact

Committed to support environmental protection, eco-sustainability, and the implementation of safety measures, it is part of ALU’s pledge to always deliver high-performance and durable solutions. Our modular systems have a high degree of adaptability guarantee and a longer useful life further improving their environmental impact.