Thirty years ago, a telescopic freestanding pole designed for the photographic industry started to fill the windows of numerous NYC retailers. Its forward-looking creator, Lino Manfrotto, together with his son Abramo, crossed the lines of their industry and made the Autopole, the seed of ALU. 
In 2009, the Autopole (and Superclamp) were chosen by the NY MoMa for their permanent design and architecture collections. 
Every year, ALU partners with premium retailers and leading brands, and is constantly in search for creativity and retail expertise.  Headquartered in Bassano Del Grappa (IT), ALU strives to anticipate and outperform the clients’ expectations with our display solutions. 
Driven by quality, with commitment, fun and passion for our job, we collaborate to conquer the hearts and minds of our clients’ most valuable consumers. We feel the joy of reinvention in the expression of ourselves, our clients, and our future. 


Since setting foot in this market, our ambition has been to serve our clients with an innovative voice. 
We started from a great product and a simple formula. It was a great success and everyone loved our hero, the Autopole
Thirty years later, our understanding of the value of well-designed scalable systems is deep and ingrained. We are in a unique position to help conceptualize, develop and create environments with an incredible range of scope. 
Our renewed commitment to the development of innovative systems and collections strengthens our ability to react fast, adapt and resolve bespoke specifications. Keeping a finger on the pulse of the market, we continue to cultivate our creativity, design skills and manufacturing capabilities. We never stop moving.

ISO 14001 – ISO 45001

Protection of the environment, sustainability of products and services, protection of the rights, health and safety of employees in the workplace and a focus on ethics, are the cornerstones of ALU’s philosophy, promoted both inside and outside the company.
ALU has implemented and applied an integrated HSE management system in accordance with standards ISO 14001 and ISO 45001​​​​​​ to ensure that the system reaches all company levels, with a view to continual improvement.
The company policy is based on the following guiding principles:
• we aim to satisfy our customers by responding promptly to their needs and to market changes;
• we aim to be sensitive, dynamic, responsible and professional in serving our customers’ needs; we are open to new ideas and approaches and to putting them into practice;
• we analyze the context in which we operate, also to ensure applicable regulations, including regulations on the environment and prevention of pollution and health and safety in the workplace of our employees and collaborators, which is why we always focus on eco-sustainability and safety of the materials we use right from the early stages of the design process;
• we assess the environmental impact of our products and processes, taking the prospective life cycle into account and, where possible, involving our suppliers in protection of the environment and of employees and in compliance with applicable regulations, laws and standards;
• we carefully and periodically assess the risks associated with our activities and adopt all necessary measures to reduce any hazards, including equipment, operating instructions and proper use of personal protection equipment;
• we encourage communication at all company levels and with our partners, whom we consider an integral and fundamental part of company activities; that is why we communicate and share information on health, safety and rights in the workplace, environment and sustainability to all stakeholders. 
• we guarantee equal opportunities and freedom of association for every individual who works in our organisation;
• we support the principles expressed in the internationally recognised ETI BASE CODE on treatment of workers and conditions in the workplace.
• we promote and implement personnel training programs at all levels, in order to optimise growth of human resources, as a key factor in company development; we are convinced that protection of workers’ health and safety, correct management of the environment and continual improvement are the only way forward ethically speaking and management considers the personal contribution of each and every one of us to be essential.

This policy is applied in every sector and at all decisional and operating levels, including at our affiliated companies. It is also available to the public, including customers and suppliers, and is periodically reassessed, during management system reviews, together with company objectives, and revised if necessary.

Abramo Manfrotto

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