ALU’s Office Partitions Romano d’Ezzelino, Italy Modularity, versatility, flexibility and ease of use have always been ALU product’s core features. Contemporary office spaces are more open than those of the past but with guidelines for separations. Our modular solutions can create the perfect partition for an efficient and productive workspace that can be temporary or permanent. When combined together, […]

ALU Temporary Showroom in Milan – 2019 Milan, Italy ALU’s newest system, ACROBAT launched in the Milan temporary showroom at WATT Studio also featuring ALU’s TondoQuadro Illuminated and ALU’s Iconic Autopole. The space was filled with different interpretations of the systems with light, no light and diffused light.Upon entering the beautifully open space, ACROBAT was […]

ALU Temporary Showroom in Milan Milan, Italy ALU’s newest system, TondoQuadro Illuminated, launched in the Milan temporary showroom. TondoQuadro Illuminated, with its seamless span of diffused light, beautifully highlights products from sports and food, to cosmetics and fashion. This versatile system with its countless configurations and wide range of accessories and applications can be adapted […]

ALU Showroom in NY New York, United States of America (the) ALU debuts its latest showroom concept in NYC in tandem with the launch of the newest ALU collection, Tondo Quadro Illuminated. The space is filled with different interpretations of TondoQuadro Illuminated from wall mounted and free standing structures to kiosk units – all with […]

ALU Showroom in Mexico City Mexico City, Mexico A stroll through the ALU Showroom in Mexico CityALU launches TondoQuadro Illuminated in its Mexico City showroom. Featured in its kiosk configuration, TondoQuadro creates a space within a space. Emphasizing this capability through the use of different materials, it is possible to forge walls creating a more […]

ALU Mexico Showroom Mexico City, Mexico ALU’s Mexico City Showroom introduces its newest system, TondoQuadro. Upon entering the beautifully open and naturally lit space, TondoQuardo is displayed in pop up and kiosk form, showing its effectiveness for temporary spaces and versatile design. Other novelties in the showroom include Illuminated Slash and Lightboard. 

ALU HQ Showroom in Bassano del Grappa Bassano del Grappa, Italy Following the introduction of ACROBAT into the market earlier this year at the temporary showroom in Milan, ALU has refreshed their permanent HQ showroom located in Bassano del Grappa, Italy. ALU’s versatile display systems fill the space in different configurations, showing various interpretations of the […]

Black Friday Romano d’Ezzelino, Italy Optimize and rearrange your stores for this year’s Black Friday sales! Whether freestanding, wall-mounted or floor-to-ceiling, Plot and Autopole collections are perfect to display the hottest must-haves items.Maximize the square footage you have available and choose modular and portable fixtures to create focus points within the store. Plot’s freestanding units can be positioned to direct traffic while displaying most-wanted […]