Tension Mounted Autopole with shelves and crossbars. Standard Finishing Silver Anodized Suggested for Apparel, Accessories

Autopole Tensioned - Kit 1

Plot Wall Mounted and Vertical Unit, with shelves and crossbars.Standard FinishingCold galvanizedSuggested forApparel

Freestanding TondoQuadro UnitStandard FinishingDark Gray PaintedSuggested forApparel, Accessories

TondoQuadro kit 1

Our Automatic Column is an elegant hands free solution. Activated by a photocell, this no-touch system is durable, clean and made from high quality material. Boast luxury and sanitize in style. This system is rechargeable and requires a power source or batteries. For U.S. customers only, click here to buy it online: https://shop-alu.com/collections/sanitizing For Italian customers […]

HSS Freestanding - Kit 1

Acrobat and TondoQuadro Fixtures.Standard FinishingRail, ceiling mount, end cap, carriage: black Upright, bars, accessories: dark greySuggested forApparel, Accessories, Communication

Freestanding Slash Units with crossbars, shelves, peghooks and signage accessories.Standard FinishingClear Painted Raw SteelSuggested forApparel, Accessories


Slider set-up. Standard FinishingRail: Black AnodizedCabinet: Black Anodized Suggested forHomeware, Accessories, Apparel, Footwear, Cosmetics.

Slider Wall Mounted - Kit 1

Freestanding Cage set-up, with wooden shelves and graphics. Suggested for Apparel, Accessories, Homeware

Ceiling Mounted Acrobat Agile set-up, with aluminum and transparent rods, communication accessories and crossbars. Suggested for Apparel, Accessories, Windows, Communication

Acrobat Agile Ceiling Mounted - Kit 1

Freestanding Foldaway Unit.Standard FinishingClear Painted Row SteelSuggested forApparel, Accessories


Freestanding Autopole with base, shelves, faceouts and signage accessories. Standard Finishing Silver Anodized Suggested for Apparel, Accessories

Autopole Freestanding - Kit 2

Plot Wall Mounted and Vertical Unit, with shelves.Standard FinishingCold galvanizedSuggested forApparel

Plot Wall Mounted Kit 2