ALU Italy Virtual Showroom 2024 Romano d’Ezzelino, Italy Welcome to the new ALU HQ Showroom! Take a walk through and check out all our collections. Click the circles near each display for more information about the products.  If you have any questions or would like to talk further about the virtual showroom or our products and […]

ALU Italy Virtual Tour 2024

Melby store in San Marino Melby, the renowned Italian clothing brand under the F.lli Campagnolo group, has unveiled its newest store at the San Marino Outlet Experience.Showcasing the latest collections for children and teenagers aged 0 to 16 years old, ALU’s display systems elegantly highlight Melby’s quality and strong brand personality.Through a combination of standard, […]

Parajumpers Retail Environments Italian luxury outwear brand Parajumpers collaborates with ALU to showcase its latest collections across diverse retail environments. From captivating pop-up displays in department stores to iconic storefronts, ALU’s modular solutions effortlessly adapt to each space’s unique layout and requirements. During a recent sales meeting in 2023, Parajumpers introduced their latest collection to […]

ALU for Parajumpers

Pink Gellac Stores Pink Gellac, a Netherlands-based brand, proudly showcases its premium nail care products in boutiques across Europe, including cities such as Amsterdam, Antwerp, Bruges, and more. Their colorful gel nail polishes are presented on ALU’s Plot Slim Vertical Units with a custom matte black finish and displayed on illuminated shelves. Advertising graphics and […]

ALU for Pink Gellac Amsterdam

La Cooperativa di Cortina Located in the heart of the Dolomites, La Cooperativa di Cortina stands as a premier department store, boasting seven sales floors and over 4000 square meters of retail space.Collaborating with BS89 Architetti, ALU has seamlessly integrated their modular display systems to showcase the store’s diverse range of products.On the first floor, […]

La Cooperativa di Cortina

Karl Lagerfeld Jeans In April 2023 in Amsterdam, a remarkable collaboration unfolded when ALU joined forces with the iconic Karl Lagerfeld by converting a former marketing office into a fully functional showroom for their new brand: KARL LAGERFLED JEANS. The design is a testament to the strong brand experience KARL LAGERFLED JEANS sought to create. […]

ALU for Karl Lagerfeld

MINI Pavillon in Munich The MINI Pavillon was opened in October 2019 in Munich, with MINI Electric* as its highlight. Featuring a customized version of ALU’s very own TONDOQUADRO, illuminated and with custom elements unique to the project. The MINI Pavillon showcases MINI’s new retail design concept aimed at urban flair and takes pride in […]


Parajumpers Passerelle Window Italian luxury outwear brand Parajumpers opened a new Passerelle, a remarkable footbridge, within the iconic Galleries Lafayette in the heart of Paris. As you approach the Passerelle, you’ll be captivated by the innovative LED archways. A custom project carefully curated by ALU, these arches are constructed with orange LED strips meticulously affixed […]

Parajumpers Passerelle Window Paris

Uniform Standard ALU has partnered with Uniform Standard, the East London-based premium leather sneaker brand, to the opening of their first phygital pop-up showroom in 2 Marshall Street, Soho – London. Opened in mid-October for six weeks, the space is made with recyclable materials designed to be reused. So, there is no surprise if they […]

Paige London ALU has partnered with the distinguished fashion brand Paige to open a new store in London. The collaboration, unveiled in September, witnessed the integration of ALU’s modular fixtures Slash and Mobile Hanging U Bars, elegantly finished in black powder coat. The modular displays showcase and present Paige’s exquisite collection of apparel and accessories […]

Freesoul Stores Italian apparel brand Freesoul recently opened four stores in the northeast of Italy. The brand’s modern and elegant aesthetic seamlessly integrates with ALU’s modular display fixtures. The industrial design of Slash’s freestanding units perfectly complements Freesoul’s collections, creating a captivating visual synergy. Featuring the brand’s unwavering commitment to details and quality, the stores showcase apparel and […]

ALU Italy Virtual Showroom 2023 Romano d’Ezzelino, Italy If you have any questions or would like to talk further about our products and capabilities, please contact us at