ALU's Office Partitions

Romano d'Ezzelino, Italy

Modularity, versatility, flexibility and ease of use have always been ALU product's core features. Contemporary office spaces are more open than those of the past but with guidelines for separations. Our modular solutions can create the perfect partition for an efficient and productive workspace that can be temporary or permanent. When combined together, ALU systems can outfit your entire office, allowing for flexible configurations and applications, including collaborative and private workspaces.

- Plot dividers can be used to flexibly divide offices into zones, while providing vertical workspace. They can be personalized with grids, blackboards and greeneries and can be rearranged in bookshelves, cloakrooms or plant walls.

- With Acrobat ceiling mounted partitions it is possible to divide the space, keeping the distance and guaranteeing privacy. They allow you to hang graphics, sound absorbing panels, fabrics and display products creating a contemporary and inviting work environment.

- Easy to demount and relocate to any other positions, TondoQuadro kiosks are perfect for agile working. Mobile and multifunctional, they can create a more private working area or can outfit your entire co-working space.

While providing great flexibility, ALU’s systems are long lasting and available in different styles and finishes. Panels can be branded with company logos, images or key colors and become a standout feature of the office.

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