COVERT: The Workplace Anywhere

Romano d'Ezzelino, Italy

Complex situations spur unexpected inventiveness. During a Covid-19 forced lockdown, ALU entered into creative mode and everyone was asked to think outside the consolidated business schemes and come up with useful, applicable ideas that could leverage the company’s many assets, but expose it to new scenarios. Nothing was off limits. A series of on-remote thinking sessions, involving every member of the team, generated hundreds of ideas, some foolish, others trivial, many interesting and a few approachable.

Amongst the ones selected was an office-in-a-box idea, which inspired Covert. From conception to prototype, COVERT developed from a work-from-home to a work-from-anywhere solution. It is designed for forward-thinking companies committed to investing in the future of the workplace, which today means anywhere. A high-quality self-contained and portable workstation, conceived for remote working or for companies’ offices and co-working spaces, which are increasingly flexible and reconfigurable

Full of power and ready for action, COVERT has wheels, and comfortable handles placed on the top and side of the case that make it easy to move.

A folding tabletop with storage and removable tabletop extensions, fold out legs with easy breakdown and a full reclinable monitor support, make the transformation from closed suitcase to functional workstation easy and quick without the help of other people.

Loaded with all necessary tools of a professional office, this cabinet of wonders has room for a computer, a monitor, a keyboard, a mouse, and plenty of storage space for supplies and personal items.

Built from high quality materials with design and functionality in mind, COVERT is easily set up and broken down and made to look good in your space. Both style and tech customizations are possible, giving companies the choice of a black or aluminum case and the option to use their preferred IT equipment. COVERT is UNI EN 527-1 compliant.

FLEET MANAGEMENT: COVERT Fleet is a service to help companies configure their order and specifications for larger quantities of COVERT. Equipped with wheels and comfortable handles, Covert is transportable, adaptable to any type of space and is easy to store without taking up too much space.

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