The PLOT thickens with Electrified Units

Romano d'Ezzelino, Italy

From boxes to fully assembled unit in a few easy steps, the PLOT thickens with electrified units that light up your merchandise. PLOT Illuminated has the same great qualities as PLOT but now with one additional step, your unit does even more without the help of a professional. Simply build your unit and plug it in. With integrated power rails in the uprights, PLOT Illuminated’s incorporated lighting technology allows for even more flexible configurations and applications. Each electrified upright requires one power supply unit, which can support up to 5 lighted accessories. The lighted accessories include 24”- 48” LED energy efficient lighted crossbars and a magnetic diffused light bar. Once inserted into the slots, the lighted crossbars will illuminate the merchandise around it. The magnetic diffused light bar can adapt to any profile and provide a seamless span of light anywhere on the framework.

For wall-mounted units, one electrified upright is required to support any lighted accessories on the unit. For freestanding units, one electrified upright is required per side (front and back) to support lights accessories.

Play with the light, create a compelling atmosphere and make your products shine with PLOT Illuminated. PLOT Illuminated is CE certified.


The PLOT thickens with Electrified Units - ALU