Sanitizing Stations and Social Distancing Solutions

Romano D'Ezzelino, Italy

Due to the current COVID-19 situation, our industry and others have been called to rise to the challenge at hand. ALU is channeling its retail expertise to develop highly customizable and modular solutions to respond to the new guidelines of social distancing and personal protective equipment. Our fully equipped, portable and self-supporting solutions range from sanitizing station stands to social distancing queues to sneeze shields for cashier's desks.

- The SANITIZING STAND can be as basic or accessorized as your needs demand. We provide accessories for signage, holders for hand sanitizer, masks and gloves, and a garbage bin.

- Building from the basic sanitizing station stand, you are able to create a SOCIAL DISTANCING QUEUE that can be a simple guide or accessorized with shelves for merchandise.

- The SNEEZE SHIELD is perfect for a cash desk or anywhere where employees are stationed to interact with customers. The plexiglass sheet can be placed at different levels on the posts to accommodate various heights as needed. Freestanding or floor-to-ceiling, these are also capable of being fully accessorized to act as both the sneeze shield and sanitizing station.

Whether in hospitals, pharmacies, facilities management, airports or retail, ALU’s rapid assembly solutions are ideally placed to inform, control crowds, and keep people safe. After the crisis, these solutions can be reused in different areas with compartmentalization functions. 

Get in contact with ALU to discover the full range of solutions and customizable systems that can support and enhance your business needs to stay protected and healthy. 

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