ALU for Pop-up

Design. Create. Change.

ALU fixtures are created for beautiful and functional in store displays. The modular design of the various systems makes ALU ideal for pop-up shops and temporary spaces. You can create the space you have always imagined with a combination of ALU units and accessories for all types of merchandise and communication, including units with incorporated lighting features.

Reconfigurable: Reconfigure ALU fixtures by choosing from a wide range of accessories or swapping their placement on the same framework.
Reusable: Design and redesign your space by changing and rearranging your ALU fixtures over and over.
Freestanding & Easy to Install: ALU fixtures don’t need to be anchored to a wall or floor. They are simple to install and dismantle at any time.
Lighting: ALU’s highly engineered lighted systems give a new layer of design to your space. Bring your products into the light and showcase them like never before.
Quality & Durability: ALU’s long lasting, high quality materials make ALU stand out from the rest. Configure and reconfigure as much as your needs require without your system failing.
Flatpack & Stock Ready: Shipped in flatpacks, your entire shop can be packed and ready for transport in an instant.
Environmental Impact: Modular systems with a high degree of adaptability guarantee a longer useful life further improving their environmental impact.

Learn more about our temporary and pop-up solutions and co-create your shop with ALU.

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