Safety and Sanitation

ALU channeled its retail expertise to develop highly customizable and modular solutions to respond to the new guidelines of social distancing and personal protective equipment. Our fully equipped, portable and self-supporting solutions range includes:

- automatic hand sanitizer dispensers

- pedal hand sanitizer dispensers 

- modular sanitizing solutions (which consist of sanitizing stands, social distancing queues, and sneeze shields for cashier's desks).

Each of these solutions can be as accessorized or simple as your needs demand. ALU’s rapid assembly solutions are perfect for any business or office and are ideally placed to inform, control crowds, and keep people safe. After the crisis, these solutions can be reused in different areas with compartmentalization functions.

Get in contact with ALU to discover the full range of solutions and customizable systems that can support and enhance your business needs to stay protected and healthy.


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