Light and solid, sinuous and geometric, TONDOQUADRO is the newest ALU system made of round 3 cm / 1 3/16” and square 3,5 cm /1 3/8” steel profiles that combined together create multipurpose display configurations. The aluminum pressure die casted connector allows the slotted square profile to be positioned in four different directions. TONDOQUADRO is the very first ALU system to offer a seamless 183cm / 72” span, boosting hanging and shelving capacity. It can outfit your entire shopping environment or be your kiosk in a multi-branded space. TONDOQUADRO’s accessories transform a static unit into a dynamic display, playing with different layers of merchandise.

Innovative and unique, TondoQuadro Illuminated’s power supply system is integrated right in its profile along with premium quality LED technology Offering a seamless span  up to 183cm/ 72” of diffused light, TondoQuadro Illuminated is built with a power rail  for LED accessories. Incorporated lighting technology allows for even more flexible configurations and applications. This system will take any display to the next level and truly make your products shine.


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