ALU Temporary Showroom in Milan

Milan, Italy

ALU’s newest system, TondoQuadro Illuminated, launched in the Milan temporary showroom. TondoQuadro Illuminated, with its seamless span of diffused light, beautifully highlights products from sports and food, to cosmetics and fashion. This versatile system with its countless configurations and wide range of accessories and applications can be adapted to fit your brand’s unique needs. The showroom’s rustic and raw atmosphere creates a dramatic contrast with the innovative technology and modern material of ALU’s systems. From its iconic Autopole to the latest TondoQuadro Illuminated, ALU takes you through the evolution of its systems.


Photo Credits: Lara Peviani
ALU would like to thank Mutti Spa, Ludovico Martelli Srl, Leone 1947, and Zoe Boutique Italy for the support and collaboration. 

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ALU Temporary Showroom in Milan - ALU

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