ALU Temporary Showroom in Milan - 2019

Milan, Italy

ALU’s newest system, ACROBAT launched in the Milan temporary showroom at WATT Studio also featuring ALU’s TondoQuadro Illuminated and ALU’s Iconic Autopole. The space was filled with different interpretations of the systems with light, no light and diffused light.
Upon entering the beautifully open space, ACROBAT was displayed showing its effectiveness for versatile design. ALU’s Creative Director highlighted the contrast between the urban and rustic style of WATT Studio and ALU’s sophisticated and innovative solutions. ACROBAT’s light made the display stand out in a unique way, creating an elegant atmosphere. 
Also featuring TondoQuadro kiosks, the space offered an area to sit and chat. Thanks to its cluster mode, it can also facilitate quick display changes within the space, allowing for even more flexible configurations and applications.
ACROBAT is an innovative suspension system with an aluminum rail mounted on the ceiling. This floating solution allows for the creation of many different merchandising and display situations. When installed with a variety of accessories, ACROBAT allows you to hang graphics, panels, fabrics and display products without the need for tools, creating a contemporary and inviting show of display. The new ACROBAT offers the opportunity to insert an electrified standard system that supports light. The rail can become a structural element and not only an accessories support.
From its iconic Autopole to the latest TondoQuadro Illuminated and the new ACROBAT, ALU takes you through the evolution of its systems.

Photo Credits: Lara Peviani
ALU would like to thank Leucos, Hobepergh, KitchenAid, Crodino and Arena for the collaboration.

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ALU Temporary Showroom in Milan - 2019 - ALU

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