Amedeo D

Milan, Italy

The urbanist brand, Amedeo D Milano, continues to keep ahead of the market, not only through their specially curated selection of  high fashion, premium  brands but also through their fresh, futuristic retail design, with the aid of ALU. Amedeo D Milano prides itself on being today’s trendy hot spot for young millennials to come together, enhancing their brand ethos, ‘to create a meeting place for friends and new people and experience living fashion’. Their open plan and relaxed "shop in shop" layout between 250/350 m² inside Italy's largest Italian department stores, Coin along with the installation of ALU’s standard display system, featuring customization enhances this vision. The glamorous exposure of AUTOPOLE along the perimeter of the store complements the branded, street style apparel and creates a bespoke showcasing through its tailored fitting structures. The use of free-standing SLASH  to display the merchandise invites consumer interaction and helps to enforce Amedeo D Milano's ambition of globalism between designers. The subtle hint of natural wood sensations supplied by ALU warms the atmosphere and enhances the friendly environment that Amedeo D Milano so wish to emphasize, whilst also adding a cool contrast to the predominance of steel surrounding the rest of the store. With the use of ALU, Amedeo D Milano has created a welcoming benchmark for retail solutions.

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Amedeo D