Black Friday

Romano d'Ezzelino, Italy

Optimize and rearrange your stores for this year's Black Friday sales!

Whether freestanding, wall-mounted or floor-to-ceiling, Plot and Autopole collections are perfect to display the hottest must-haves items.
Maximize the square footage you have available and choose modular and portable fixtures to create focus points within the store. 
Plot’s freestanding units can be positioned to direct traffic while displaying most-wanted merchandise, while floor-to-ceiling Autopoles can be used to display impactful signage which are perfect for drawing attention to specific areas. 
Black Friday banners are the first step in getting your point of sale ready for your promotions. With Plot round band, it is possible to incorporate full graphics on freestanding and wall-mounted systems or set a sign under display consoles. 
Portable store fixtures can help you change things up quickly and efficiently. Plot’s movable vertical units with casters can be positioned at focal points to draw customers’ attention as soon as they enter.
Plot’s consoles can be nested around each other to make the merchandise stand out and easy to reach, while Plot slim wall units can be placed along walls to spread customers out, mitigating crowding. 
Related or similar products such as books, pens or backpacks can be placed together on a designated area using both Plot and Autopole fixtures.
Plan ahead to make the most of this season, start now with your retail fixtures!



ALU for Black Friday

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