Jack Wolfskin Düsseldorf

Düsseldorf, Italy

Jack Wolfskin opened a pilot store with their new concept. The 260 sqm space in Düsseldorf  reflects the outdoor lifestyle brand in its design and visuals. Jack Wolfskin created this space with sustainability in mind. This project has been made in partnership with ALU German reseller, Jakobs

ALU Acrobat hangs from the ceiling. Acrobat is a suspended system which can be used in conjunction with some of ALU's other systems including TondoQuadro and PLOT. In this pilot store, TondoQuadro Illuminated with lighted crossbars is used with Acrobat. Custom freestanding TondoQuadro with and without lighting are used in the middle of the store. ALU’s grid accessory is used along with a variety of ALU soft good to display merchandise and graphics throughout the space. 

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