Moodart makes Room

Verona, Italy

On September 1st, 2021, Moodart Fashion School opened a concept store in the heart of Verona, Italy. It is not a regular store; it is a hub where student projects take form and become real.

Room, the name of the space, literally makes room for new ideas and experimentation. It is an 80 sqm interactive space where contamination and inclusion are at the center. A place where brands can test different ways of displaying and communicating their products, thanks to the work of the students and their creativity.

Among many companies who have actively joined the project, ALU has partnered with Moodart offering support with their display systems. PLOT makes its debut with aesthETHIC, the first show at the store dedicated to sustainable and innovative products. Thanks to PLOT’s reconfigurable power, the space has been outfitted with several dynamic solutions to display different kinds of merchandise. The set-up will change every few months and PLOT will be the best friend of whoever will design the layout.

While constantly looking for creativity and expertise in retail, supporting young creative talents and design schools has always been part of ALU’s ambitions.

Visit ROOM in via Nizza 8, Verona, pay tribute to the work of the young upcoming talents and, if you are a brand, collaborate with MoodArt fashion school for displaying your products.