Oever Art Gallery

Ostend, Belgium

Oever art gallery has recently opened in the East Bank harbour area of Ostend, in Belgium.
Designed by 5AM spatial design studio, it aims to become a meeting point for creatives and artists, as well as for those passers-by who just stop by at the in-house coffee shop or store concept.
The predominant gray color of the walls and furniture reflects the typical mood of graffiti and street art, giving a strong and rough personality to the gallery.
With its 360° display potential, Autopole has been used to divide the 150 sqm open plan space into different zones. Its flexibility and the quickness with which it can be assembled allow to rearrange the spaces whenever needed. In its anodized aluminum version, it camouflages itself in this monochromatic palette space, making the colors of artwork and merchandise stand out in the gallery.
Oever opened its doors to the public on May 26th.

Interior design: 5AM spatial design studio


ALU for Oever Art Gallery

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