Zurich, Switzerland

Swiss brand, Qwstion opened its first permanent store in Zurich, creating a concept store that not only showcases the entire collection and other integrated brands, but also includes Qwstion’s development studio. Qwstion Invites is a simple, youthful store utilizing ALU solutions to give full light and attention to its displays.
With an interest in modern, straight forward designs and objects, Qwstion incorporated ALU AUTOPOLE in black to bring a unique identity to the displays. Large black domes branch off from the AUTOPOLE, transforming it into a lighting fixture as well. A featured black CAGE stands at the front of the store. Altogether, the black fixtures create a balancing act against the predominantly white space. Based on Qwstion’s needs for versatility, ALU provided quality display solutions that will grow and adapt with the store.

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