Milan, Italy

Taschen’s Italian flagship store in Milan was developed by long term Taschen collaborator, Marc Newson, with all fixtures and displays engineered, designed, manufactured and installed by ALU. From the molding process to the installation, everything was made 100% in Italy with a focus on craftsmanship, high level materials and specific attention to detail.   
The store has two floors, showcasing Limited Edition books as well as an exhibition of art prints.  The ground floor displays consist of a multitude of cubes in different sizes that make up the bookshelves, service and cash desks. These cubes were produced using burnished matte steel obtained using a 15 steps electroplating process. The second floor’s furniture is comprised of a wall-long series of frontal drawers and cases completely assembled using high level materials such as Corian® and Alcantara®.  
ALU is a longstanding manufacturing partner of Taschen, having produced special displays for their limited editions Moonfire and Annie Leibovitz books.

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