Taschen Tripod

Milan, Italy

ALU was chosen by Taschen in collaboration with designer Marc Newson for the engineering and production of the custom made tripods that accompanied Annie Leibovitz’s and David Hockney’s limited-edition SUMO sized books. 
Taschen’s Sumo books weigh 30kg, are 1000cm x 700cm in size, and sit on an acrylic base. 
The Leibovitz’s book tripod was produced in a black color with a red knob (a nod to the design of the famous Manfrotto photographic tripods.); Hockney’s one has blue, yellow and red legs to recall his design. 
The tripods’ legs are made of extruded anodized aluminum, and are threaded for an easier installation; while the tripods’ heads are composed of low pressure casted aluminum, and they are sandblasted with ceramic spheres, for a seamless and durable finishing.  
With a remarkable engineering process and in respect of the client’s needs, ALU was able to deliver high quality, stable, and resistant tripods to bring Marc Newson’s design to life.

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