Vans Orefici

Milan, Italy

ALU partnered with Vans for the opening of a new concept store in Milan’s Via Orefici.
Covering an area of 300 square meters on three levels, the monobrand shop features the iconic collections of the brand and aims to become a reference point for the Milanese community.
On the second level, you can find “the bowl”, which can become a real skate area during events and special occasions. Several walls of the store were also personalized by Milanese visual artists, to whom Vans offered a free space to express their creativity.
ALU supplied the fixtures for the store, including standard products, customized elements, and full custom fixtures. Among others, Acrobat and Slash have been used throughout the space together with ALU’s cash desks, benches, tables, and mirrors.
ALU’s modular systems with a high degree of durability guarantee a longer useful life further improving their environmental impact. An approach in line with the one of the Californian sneaker brand and its sustainability goals to be achieved by 2030.
Designed by Vans EMEA’s creative team.


ALU for Vans Orefici

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